A Guide for Those Who Wish to Buy a Compound Bow

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It would be incorrect to say that there is one best type of compound bow. What is correct is that there is only the best bow for an archer. A compound bow is a rather individualized piece of gear. No other tool in an archer’s arsenal needs to be matched so closely to the archer and the way he or she shoots. Below is a guide for those who wish to buy compound bow.

There are a number of components that form a compound bow’s make up. One of them is cams. By taking a good look at this kind of bow, an observer will see two wheels at both ends of the drawstrings. These are known as cams, and their role is to assist in balancing the force generated by the action of pulling back the drawstring. Cams also control the speed at which the archer can draw, and can make the bow easier or harder to pull.

When buying a compound bow for target shooting, it is advisable to go for one with a soft cam’. This type of cam facilitates an easy and steady draw in a way that allows the archer to concentrate on accuracy. He or she will be able to take multiple shots without having to worry about the arm getting tired. With such a setup, the archer sacrifices energy and power. On the other hand, when purchasing a bow for hunting, an aggressive cam is recommended. This is because hunters require powerful, piercing shots that can only be generated from force and speed.

Another factor to consider when deciding if you want to buy compound bow or bow accessories is the limb style. Limbs are two flexible arms extending from the bow’s center portion up to the cams, which are located at these limbs’ ends. In a compound bow, the limbs are designed in a way that they are very stiff, allowing them to generate much more power when compared to a traditional bow. They are typically made using lightweight carbon fiber composite; and are either split or standard. A standard limb is made up of a single piece while a split limb is made up of two pieces. Split limbs are recommended for lighter and quieter bows.

The bow’s dimensions should also be put into consideration. The strength and speed of an arrow trajectory is influenced by a number of factors such as the bow length, the archer’s arm length, abilities and weight. Bow length is a measure in inches from the top cam to the bottom cam. Selecting the ideal length is crucial for optimum stability and maneuverability. The draw weight is the amount of strength that the archer has to exert in order to draw the string back, and is measured in pounds. The archer’s strength and play a major role together with the cam.

The draw length is a measurement from hand to hand in a drawn back, flexed and ready-to-shoot position. This length determines how fast an arrow will be shot. Just like a rubber band, the more it is pulled, the faster and further it will fly. For an archer to achieve optimum results, the draw length must be matched with the ideal draw weight. To find out more about archery contact http://www.combataustralia.com.au/compound-bow for more information.

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